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Combating Climate Change

Posted by Bradley Swims on Jan 31, 2022 5:01:10 PM

As an industry, members of the cleaning supplies supply chain strive to reach net zero global emissions by 2050, lead by the American Cleaning Institute's drive toward climate action.  The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) recently reported about how the cleaning product supply chain is stepping up to combat climate change and taking action to meet their targets.  To date, seventeen members of the ACI have joined the 1.5°C, including Twin Rivers Technologies.  To read the full article and case studies done by the ACI, click here.

Twin Rivers Technologies acknowledges that climate change is a threat to our planet and has set a goal of outperforming the Paris Climate Accord and SDG goals for emissions. This includes a target of zero growth in emissions and waste streams over the next ten years (2017 baseline).
Chart of GHG emissions by scope (MTCO2E)

Twin Rivers is committed to monitoring our carbon footprint and moving towards renewable, independent energy generation in the future.  We do this by regularly monitoring and considering new, better sources for energy generation through our conservation efforts.  We report emissions as part of our regulatory requirements, and continue to remain transparent to our industry partners by reporting our numbers in our annual Sustainability Report.  We measure and report against Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, which measures emissions for greenhouse gas (GHG) and carbon impact across the supply chain and select alternatives where possible, which can reduce carbon loads.  Twin Rivers replaced our former heavy oil fuel streams with natural gas, which reduced emissions and allowed us to generate most of our electrical need in a cleaner fashion.  

Twin Rivers will report our 2021 findings in our upcoming Sustainability Report, which will be released later this year.

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