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How is your supply chain managing today’s business climate?

Posted by Nigel Kheng on Feb 8, 2021 9:15:00 AM

Storms, Force Majeure, Trade Bans, and Freight Imbalance - the headline grabbing news below puts us in a world of supply chain chaos.

Freight containersFreight containers


Force Majeure

Force Mejeure

Trade BansTrade Bans


In the last 12 months alone, we have seen endless supply chains challenges. Many of us are seeking pathways to manage the risks involved with an ever-changing landscape of health, governance and frankly, mother nature. Control the controllable is often the saying except most controllable has become a variable.  

We at Twin Rivers Technologies are no different from you. We continue to explore strategies and assets to manage challenges of being a North America based Fatty Acids and Glycerin producer. Our ability to expand sourcing capabilities, utilize terminals around the country, leverage our deep-water port access, and plan from our ERP software has allowed us to widen our domestic coverage in North America. In today’s climate, we continue to employ risk mitigation strategies in every step of our supply chain to ensure we deliver our promise to our customers.

Supply Chain Management

So, how has your supply changed over the last year? Let Twin Rivers Technologies work together with you on solutions to achieve a higher level of supply security.


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