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Twin Rivers Technologies Sustainability Program

Sustainability Statement

Twin Rivers Technologies goal is to be the sustainability leader within the oleochemical industry.  Our business model incorporates three sustainability pillars into its values: People, Planet and Performance.  These foundational pillars serve to meet the current and future needs of our customers and stakeholders, with sustainability at the core of our business model. TRT's Sustainability Program focuses on creating a business model that incorporates resource conservation with strategic planning to develop the greatest potential in the present while weaving those practices through our culture to preserve and plan for the future.

Statement from Our CEO, Scott Chatlin

At Twin Rivers Technologies, the term sustainability has a few different meanings. At a high level, sustainability means that we must pay attention to our people, to our impact on the planet, and to our performance as a business. What "sustainability" really means is that we always need to carefully consider the impact of our operations and supply chain on the global environment. It entails running a business that people want to work for, and a company that our local communities are proud to have as a neighbor. It also necessitates that we must be a reliable, efficient and innovative supplier that continually delights our customers. Ultimately, sustainability denotes identifying and mitigating as much social, environmental and economic risk as possible so that we can remain viable for the long term.

Our challenge is particularly great in that many of TRT's customers are very sophisticated in their approach to sustainability; therefore, the bar is quite high. We must strive to understand where the risks are greatest, and find cost effective ways to address those risks. As described in this report, we have identified several key opportunities to improve our sustainability performance. First, while our physical and environmental footprint is relatively small around our operations near Boston, our supply chain reaches around the world. We have found ways, such as participating in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) initiative, that allow us to participate in leading efforts to increase sustainability practices in the very vulnerable parts of the world where we source some of the key ingredients used in our processes. In our research labs, we have identified ways to make our manufacturing processes more efficient, and found opportunities to monetize some of the leftover byproducts of our production processes. We are always looking for ways to produce more product with less energy. In 2015, Twin Rivers invested in a state-of-the-art energy plant that utilizes energy resources more efficiently while simultaneously using modern technology to reduce CO2 emissions. Lastly, we work hard at being an employer of choice. Through our employee health and safety programs, ongoing training initiatives and community outreach, we believe in investing in the wellbeing and development of our key assets, our employees. Together these initiatives, and others we describe here, form the basis of our approach to being a responsible and sustainable member of the global business community. The talk is easy; however, we really do walk the talk and stand behind our people, our planet, and our performance.