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What are Ecovadis,SQF and REACH?

Posted by Danielle Wentworth on Nov 18, 2019 11:47:00 AM


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TRT Receives Ecovadis CSR Gold Rating

Posted by Danielle Wentworth on Jan 14, 2019 12:24:00 PM

As a way to measure our Sustainability success against other suppliers in the industry and worldwide, Twin Rivers Technologies partnered with Ecovadis to measure our Sustainability indicators against the competition.  After receiving our initial score in 2017, TRT reevaluated our processes and procedures and worked to improve our rankings.  In 2018, TRT ranked in the top 10% and received Ecovadis' gold ranking.  Part of this process included creating a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program.  TRT’s Corporate Social Responsibility, (CSR), Program is centered around our STRIVE CARE philosophy.  These beliefs drive not only our performance but how we can positively impact society.


Environment Situated at the confluence of two rivers, TRT connection with the environment is as close in proximity as it’s reliance upon it.  As a deep water terminal and refining company the protection of these resources is paramount to our success forcing us to “Act Locally” everyday. But TRT goes beyond just local actions, we work to measure and reduce emissions that affect the environment as a whole and support international efforts to protect our PLANET.

Labor & Human Rights Our employees are the greatest resource that we have.  At TRT, we promote health wellness and personal growth in a team based environment. Skills that are needed for grow within the business are included in TRT’s comprehensive training package and all of our employees are encouraged to continuously expand their education.  Outside the workplace TRT sponsors and supports community assistance and development projects and efforts our PEOPLE make at home.

Ethics & Sustainable Procurement  Trust is the basis for all interactions regardless if the are between friends or in global commerce systems.  The quality systems that TRT has developed insure that our products meet the highest standards in the marketplace and shipped to meet all customer needs and requirements.  Procurement of raw materials for the production of those products conducted under TRT Supplier Code of Conduct and meets RSPO certification to guarantees ethical purchasing and sales PERFORMANCE throughout the supply chain. TRT is not only a leader in oleochemical manufacturing, but as compared to 40,000 other industrial entities measured by Ecovadis, is in the top ten percentile for CSR performance.  We are currently developing a policy to support all eighteen of the Untied Nations Corporate Development Goals either philosophically or in practice with the expectation that these efforts will improve our results in all other areas as well.

In 2019, we will publish our 2018 Sustainability Report, which will detail more about our program changes, improvements and successes TRT celebrated in 2018.

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