Message from Our CEO,
Scott Chatlin

The world’s biggest challenges will be solved by the business community taking a leadership role. TRT’s Sustainability Program is built on three pillars: People, Planet and Performance. Each pillar supports the goals set out by the UN in their Sustainable Development Goals adopted by TRT in 2019. The time for action is every day.

This is not an effort we are taking on alone. We join our customers and suppliers on this path. Global business seeks to gain assurances that every part of the supply chain is committed to responsible business practices for a sustainable future. Actionable programs and transparent operations will demonstrate our commitment to the future and provide a competitive advantage within our industry.

The sustainability work we pursue grows organically under the three pillars. Our People are the first key, a value exemplified in various programs including mentoring for our new employees, skills development, and internship opportunities for students interested in our industry. Our employees can also participate in volunteer opportunities to become involved with the community and charitable outreach efforts that support the less fortunate all while maintaining an atmosphere of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The creativeness and passion of our People will make us a better steward of this Planet. In 2017, TRT began working to understand and reduce our impact on climate change and began tracking our emissions with a commitment to implement source reduction projects with a goal of net zero by 2050.

The education gained from the Planet pillar work can provide keys to improving Performance. Projects we implement make us more efficient users of raw materials and energy and ultimately benefit all our stakeholders. The goals in the Performance pillar are straight forward: be efficient, be effective, be thoughtful and always be safe. Every system at TRT has hidden opportunities to help lessen our impact on our world. Our People can unlock that potential.

The fruits of our work are recognized by globally respected rating agencies such as Ecovadis, Sedex and the Carbon Disclosure Project. We certify under RSPO, FDA, Kosher, Halal and SQF to ensure our customers are always provided the highest quality products. We STRIVE for continuous improvement in our business and are committed to a responsibly sourced supply chain to deliver uncompromising customer satisfaction. Long term investment in sustainability will pay dividends for our people, our business, our customers, and the global community.


Scott Chatlin President & CEO Twin Rivers Technologies