Message from Our CEO,
Scott Chatlin

Twin Rivers Technologies’ (TRT’s) Diversity and Inclusion program is a key part of our Sustainability program. Our goal and commitment is to be a company where all employees are supported professionally, and set up for success where there are no obstacles based on race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or disability.

To achieve these goals, TRT continues to develop our Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics or STEM program for young women. Our aim is to support young women as they develop into successful professionals. 2020 presented the world with one of the biggest challenges humanity has faced in modern times. Families, communities, and businesses all faced unprecedented upheaval and uncertainty due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. This global pandemic temporarily slowed the progress of our STEM program, however we have made great strides since. TRT is proud of the changes implemented that have resulted in a more diverse workforce, amazing talent and new opportunities for growth and change as we acclimate to the constantly changing demands of the workforce, our business and the world.

COVID, with all of its restrictions and requirements, also taught us that we can change how we operate and that communication and cooperation lead to a path of success. It also taught us to use our ingenuity to face these many challenges and allowed us to adapt. TRT implemented new or modified work areas, additional personal protective equipment, staggering of shifts, social distancing requirements, and allowing non-essential employees to relocate to a remote or home office work environment. Through it all, TRT has found ways to conquer the challenges and continue to bring our customers quality products over a secure and reliable supply chain.

To provide continued transparency, TRT continued its annual Ecovadis assessment, the Sedex disclosure, and for the first time submitted its results under the Carbon Disclosure Project or CDP. This international entity rates all submitters on their efforts to reduce Green House Gas emissions and is in line with our continuous efforts that strengthen TRT’s three sustainability pillars: People, Planet, and Performance. Our working groups have joined with industry groups to lead the way in our industrial sector through the American Cleaning Institute’s 1.5F Climate Change Challenge. This working group is tasked with setting science-based emissions reduction goals to support a net-zero GHG discharge by 2050. This is in line with the UN Global Climate Compact and the Paris Climate Accord.

Beyond this, TRT continues to look for opportunities to participate in global efforts such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Since 2019, TRT has taken positions on all 17 of the UN SDGs and uses each as a guide for decision making and to develop strategy for our future. TRT’s vegetable conversion project takes aim at our tallow raw material supply chain and convert it to a plant-based raw material stream. This will encourage renewable raw materials and ultimately offset petrochemicals with tallow-based sources of fuel and reduce not only GHG emissions, but sulfur and nitrogen emissions as well. Another example of this advanced decision-making is TRT’s Responsible Sourcing Program, focusing on sustainably-sourced raw materials that do not affect sensitive resource areas such as rainforests. This has changed the way we operate our business, from research and development, to selling and marketing and throughout production to better the quality of life for all communities both locally and globally.

As a North American leader in the Oleochemical industry, we constantly examine and test our entire supply chain for ways to improve. We work to educate TRT employees on Diversity and Inclusion and the formation of a Charitable Giving Committee are examples of efforts in our organization that are driving continuous improvement through education and focused purposeful giving to our communities and people in need. In 2021, TRT introduced the Supplier Code of Conduct and began auditing members of its supply chain to assess their efforts in sustainable work practices.

Efforts around our Sustainability Program will always improve our performance and make us a more resilient organization. We see this program as a major factor in attracting new talent to TRT that share our vision of a better world community. As we help to develop our employees, pursue environmental and energy initiatives and new business opportunities, we seek out customers who value sustainable products and the effort that goes into TRT leaving a positive impact well beyond what they purchase.

Through our People, we hope to improve the Planet by making dedicated, meaningful changes that result in a high level of ongoing Performance.


Scott Chatlin President & CEO Twin Rivers Technologies