Oleochemical, naturally based specialty chemical and glycerin products

Twin Rivers Technologies offers the most comprehensive line of oleochemials, naturally based specialty chemicals and glycerin products in the North American marketplace.  Our Quincy, Massachusetts facility operates as a world-class fatty acid and glycerin production site, with onsite processes for hydrolysis, distillation, hydrogenation, fractionation, crystallization and glycerin refining. 

Additionally, Twin Rivers Technologies has expansive manufacturing capabilities that includes the production of food grade and kosher fatty acids as well as various grades of Glycerin that meet USP-NF (US Pharmacopeia-National Formulary) and FCC (Food Chemical Codex) specifications. If you don't see the oleochemical that meets your specifications, please click here to contact our sales department.

Oleochemical Products

Twin Rivers Technologies' Quincy, MA plant is RSPO certified to offer sustainable palm oil alternatives to our customers and has the ability to produce over 80 different types of fatty acids including stearic acid, caprylic acid, oleic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid, coconut acid and distilled tallow fatty acid.  Fatty acids can be used in many different applications, including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textile, plastic, soap and detergents. 

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Glycerin Products

Twin Rivers' uses only the highest quality oleo-raw materials to produce a very low odor, light color glycerin. Manufactured with strict adherence to GMP's and SQF, our process is designed to greatly exceed Monograph (USP/NF and FCC) requirements for glycerin content and purity.

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Kosher Product Offerings

Twin Rivers has expanded our product offerings to include Kosher for Food Grade and Kosher for Laundry Grade products.

* Kosher for Laundry is only approved for external use only.

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Halal Product Offerings

Twin Rivers has expanded our product offerings to include Halal products.

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