Glycerin Products

Refined Glycerin, Technical Glycerin, Vegetable Glycerin, Kosher for Laundry Glycerin

Twin Rivers Technologies is a producer of non-biodiesel refined glycerin. Refined glycerin is a water-soluble, colorless, odorless, vicious liquid with a high boiling point. Refined glycerin can be used in many applications since it is nontoxic to human health and the environment. Applications for glycerin include pharmaceuticals, food, paints, textiles, cosmetics, pet food and daily chemical applications.  Refined glycerin also functions as a solublizer, plasticizer, or moisturizing or preserving agent.  In 2015, Twin Rivers Technologies' Glycerin Refinery received Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 Certification.  SQF certification provides assurance that TRT's Refined Glycerin, process and service complies with regulatory, international and scientifically proven standards for safety.

  Spec Sheet Spec Sheet Spec Sheet
  TRG99 TRG100* TRG100V*
  Refined Glycerin
Technical Grade
Refined Glycerin 99.7%
Non-Vegetable Grade
Refined Glycerin 99.7%
Vegetable Grade
Glycerin, % by Specific Gravity 99 Min 99.7 Min 99.7 Min
Assay, anhydrous %   99.0 – 101.0 99.0 – 101.0
Moisture, % 1.0 Max 0.3 Max 0.3 Max
Color, APHA   20 max 20 max
Identification A, IR Pass Pass Pass
Identification B, limit of DEG & EG   Pass Pass
Identification C, GC Pass Pass Pass
Specific Gravity @25/250C 1.2595 Min 1.2613 Min 1.2613 Min
Residue on Ignition, %    0.01 Max 0.01 Max
Chloride, %   0.001 Max 0.001 Max
Sulfate, %   0.002 Max 0.002 max
Heavy Metals, µg/g    5 Max 5 Max
Chlorinated compounds, % of Cl    0.003 Max 0.003 Max
Fatty Acids & Esters, mL of 0.5N NaOH consumed 1.0 Max 1.0 Max 1.0 Max
Related Compounds 
(≤ 0.1% any other individual impurity &
≤ 1.0% for total impurities)
Pass Pass Pass
*Meets USP-NF (US Pharmacopeia-National Formulary) and FCC (Food Chemical Codex) specifications