Halal Offerings

Halal Fatty Acids


What is Halal, and What Does it Mean?

Halal is a word that in Arabic means permissible. With respect to food products, it means that which is permissible according to Islamic laws.

Each year, Twin Rivers Technologies participates in a Halal audit performed by the Halal Advisory Group. Consequently, TRT has a listing of fatty acid products that are Halal Certified. This certification shows that TRT is committed to produce halal products consistently. Though millions of Muslim consumers around the world have limited access to halal certified products, TRT offers some of our amazing products with this under-served demographic.

Additionally, in 2019, Twin Rivers received SQF certification on all of our current Halal products.


  Spec Sheet Spec Sheet
  Kosher Certificate Kosher Certificate
  TRC101K TRS210K
  Whole Cut Fatty Acid,
Low IV, Kosher
Soybean Fatty Acid, Kosher
Chemical Properties
Acid Value 267 - 277 197 - 203
Saponification Value 269 - 279 199 - 205
Iodine Value 1 Max 127 Min
Moisture, % 0.3 Max 0.3 Max
Physical Properties
Color, Gardner   2 Max
Color, % Transmittance
90/97 Min  
Typical Composition, % by G.C.
C8 9 max  
C10 5 - 10  
C12 45 - 58  
C14 16 - 23 <0.5
C16 6 - 12 11
C18 12 Max 4
C18:1 1 Max 22
C18:2 1 Max 55
C18:3   5.5
C20   1
C21   1.5
C:16:C18 Ratio