Twin Rivers Technologies Sustainability Program

Statement from Our CEO, Scott Chatlin

In order to be successful in the area of sustainability, companies must have people who truly believe in sustainability and who offer thought provoking and innovative ideas. They also must have the willingness and determination to drive these beliefs, projects and ideas to completion. Twin Rivers Technologies has had great success with large projects in the past, such as our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) project several years ago. In addition, we continue to have success with smaller projects that are equally as impactful to the sustainability of our organization and the environment. Later in this report, you will read about a 2018 initiative aimed at reducing and ultimately eliminating Styrofoam cups that were used at hydration stations throughout our facility. The initiative involved replacing Styrofoam cups that had been stocked for many years with reusable, BPA-free cups that are made in the USA. This initiative did not involve the capital investment or infrastructure changes that other, larger scale projects have in the past, but has yielded both quantifiable and qualitative results for our organization.

Twin Rivers Technologies was formally recognized for our successes in sustainability in 2018. Our success was celebrated and demonstrated with a sustainability award given to us by the Associated Industries of MassachusettsAIM Sustainability Groups (AIM). AIM is an organization that works with and is comprised of thousands of Massachusetts employers. We were so thrilled and honored to receive this award. We believe that integrating sustainability into our culture not only positively affects the environment and society, but also adds tremendous value to our business. We want to thank our customers, employees and the communities surrounding our Quincy, MA facility for standing with us and working to ensure that our collective businesses and communities continue to focus on sustainability not only for today, but also for generations to come. Please continue to read to learn more about our work in sustainability in 2018 and our strategic plans for the future.


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