2021 Sustainability Report

A Path to A Sustainable Future


Message from Our CEO, Scott Chatlin

Through our People, we hope to improve the Planet by making dedicated, meaningful changes that result in a high level of ongoing Performance.

Message From CEO

Sustainability Highlights

9.3% Reduction in fuel consumption from 2017

TRT uses various fuels to provide power and steam to its facility. Conservation measure have allowed TRT to reduce fuel use while increasing production.

10.4% Reduction in GHG emission from 2017

TRT tracks emissions that are related to our boilers, energy purchased and every car, truck, plane, train and vessel that supports our operations. We have set goals to reduce our emissions and be at net zero by 2050.

57% Energy produced internally at TRT

To reduce emissions and take load off the power grid, TRT produces over half of our own power. We hope to be able to increase this production in the future using renewable sources generated onsite.

4.1% Reduction in water consumption from 2017

We use water as the main processing medium in production in the form of steam. To increase our effectiveness we look for opportunities to conserve and reduce the volume of water at every opportunity.

Sustainability Pillars

These foundational pillars serve to meet the current and future needs of our customers and stakeholders, with sustainability at the core of our business model.