Fatty Acid, Oleochemical and Glycerin Product Specifications & SDS

For quick links to each of our product categories and to download product specifications and SDS for any of Twin Rivers Technologies fatty acids, oleochemicals or glycerin products, please click on the desired product category below.  If you do not see the product listed, please contact us.

Whole Cut Coconut Fatty Acid
Twin Rivers produces a full line of coconut fatty acid products. 

Fractions of Coconut Fatty Acids
Our line of fractionated fatty acids includes Myristic acid, Lauric Acid and Caprylic acid products. 

Pure Cut Fractions of Coconut Fatty Acids
TRT offers pure cut fractionated fatty acids ranging from C6s – C14s.  Products in this category include Caproic acid, Caprylic acid, Lauric acid and Myristic acid. 

Whole Cut Tallow Fatty Acids
Twin Rivers Technologies manufactures a comprehensive line of coconut fatty acids, including Kosher and low IV products. 

Oleic Fatty Acids 
Twin Rivers produces a single and double distilled 70% Oleic Fatty Acid that can be purchased in liquid bulk. 

Other Vegetable Fatty Acids 
TRT's Other Vegetable Fatty Acid product category includes products made from soybean fatty acid, vegetable grade stearic fatty acid and palmitic acid. 

Stearic Fatty Acids 
Twin Rivers Technologies produces four stearic fatty acid products, including a double pressed and triple pressed grade.  Click on the link to view the specifications for each of the Stearic Fatty Acids that we offer or to download the SDS.

Twin Rivers' SQF certified glycerin refinery has production capabilities to offer technical grade, tallow and vegetable based as well as Kosher for Laundry grade glycerin to our customers.

Kosher Fatty Acids 
Twin Rivers' Quincy, MA site produces several Kosher fatty acids including whole cut fatty acid and vegetable grade stearic fatty acids.