Sustainability ~ People


To understand Twin Rivers' performance and sustainability commitment, we must recognize the integral role of our people. Our employees, customers and communities are invaluable assets that form a foundation for our sustainability mission, business and operational success.

  • Employees: TRT's greatest asset is its people. The Sustainability Program delivers this fact through an environment of positive physical, mental, and social wellness for our people in both the workplace and within the community.
  • Our Customers: Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Twin Rivers. Our commitment to sustainability is consistent with the sustainability commitments of our customers. TRT, along with many of our customers, has embraced the concept of environmental and social performance and will continue to drive this platform throughout our industry, from suppliers to finished good
  • Our Communities: TRT is located in Quincy, Massachusetts which abuts Boston’s world class higher education and hi-tech communities. The surrounding towns are clearly invested in the success of our company as an employer and a responsible member of the community. We work hard to maintain meaningful relationships with all stakeholders in our local communities.

To read more about the role of PEOPLE in our sustainability program, click here to download our 2018 Sustainability Report