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Manufacturing Day and the History of TRT

Posted by Danielle Wentworth on Oct 12, 2021 8:54:12 AM

October 1st celebrated Manufacturing Day, where we celebrate those who proudly stand behind the goods and services made in America.  Twin Rivers Technologies is one of the largest Oleochemical manufacturers and suppliers in North America. We provide solutions that deliver superior quality, service, and value to our customers. The relationships we have developed with our customers and within our communities are based on open communications, trust, and delivering only one standard of performance -- "the best in all that we do."

Twin Rivers Technologies is focused on satisfying our customers and growing our business. Our foundation is firmly established in creating a safe, clean and compliant atmosphere for our employees and communities. We have developed core competencies in designing and implementing flexible business structures and organizations. Technological know-how and supply chain expertise are our core competencies.

The history of our Quincy, MA facility far surpasses Twin Rivers' 27 years.  Prior to the purchase in 1994, our plant was owned and operated by Procter & Gamble as a soap plant.  TRT purchased the plant in 1994 with the purpose of making biofuels.  Four years later, we embarked on our first major expansion, to add Oleic/Stearic process to our manufacturing facility.  To further expand on our capabilities and product offerings, in 2008, TRT embarked on another major expansion, to add splitting capabilities and glycerin refinery.  


Twin Rivers Technologies currently employees approximately 125 employees, about half of which make up our logistics, quality, refinery and utilities departments.  These men and women in addition to our maintenance and engineering departments keep our facility up and running and product going out to our customers.

To learn more about what we do and our production capabilities, please visit our website. 

If you're interested in working for our organization, you can view our open positions here.

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